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Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 
Event Design - Wayfinding Signage & Structures

          In 2015, Special Olympics World Games and Art Center College of Design collaborated in an event design project to create a wayfinding system and modular kit-of-parts for deployment during the Los Angeles 2015 World Games. 

          The brand elements expressed in the graphic logo consists of the celebratory figure, the circle of unity, and the mosaic of color that represents multiple cultures and backgrounds. These values are translated into structural design elements for signage and structures to help during the organization and execution of the event throughout the city. 

          For this project we worked with vendors to create full scale - proof of concept mock-ups that inspired the structures and wayfinding systems that were used during the event.


Creative Fields: Event Design, Exhibition Design, Signage Structures & Way Finding

Tools: Prototyping, Rhino, Brand Implementation

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