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Patròn Tequila - Pop Up Bar

         In a partnership with Patròn Tequila and The Marketing Arm, I designed a pop up bar in LA at LUX Hideaway - a boutique influencer and lux brand promotional epicenter. Our goal was to reestablish the new brand direction of Patròn Tequila targeted at cultural influencers. 

         The concept was to elevate Patròn Tequila's origins as an authentic and historical distillery while staying true to the brand's lux and modern identity. We pulled architectural elements from the original Hacienda distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, studied their artistic tequila making process, and blended in natural elements of their exclusive Blue Agave fields. 

Creative Fields: Exhibition Design, Show Room Design, Pop-Up Retail, Experiential Marketing, Art Direction

Tools: Photoshop, Rhino, Vray, Sketching

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