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iiiROCK - OVERVIEW EFFECT - Exhibit / Concert Experience

          The Overview Effect is an immersive concert experience with Hip Hop/Electro DJ iiiROCK that visits the amalgamative dimension of the concert experience. Concert goers wear biometric feedback wrist bands that capture pulse rate, and glows warm or cool light according to their excitement levels. This visually communicates to iiiROCK the vibe of the audience and allows him to curate his set accordingly.

          The venue is flanked with arcades that project gameplay visuals into the venue. These visuals take over during the 8bit synth heavy portions of his set. Other themes include ethereal cosmic vibes, and gritty abstract urban landscapes.

          The Overview Effect enhances the music experience through a transcendental and immersive concert that harnesses the socially bonding synergy of live music. 

Creative Fields: Exhibition Design, Stage Design, Set Design

Tools: Sketching, Photoshop, Illustration

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